A Little Irish Tribute

How are you celebrating this day of all things Irish? Due to some temporary dietary restrictions, I’m having to skip my usual corned beef and cabbage and baking some whole wheat soda bread this year, but I  thought I would highlight an Irish furniture designer and self taught designer/architect who is regarded as one of the most influential of the 20th century.

Her name is Eileen Gray (1878 – 1976) and she was born in the south-eastern Irish market town of Ennisorthy. She spent most of her career in Paris and London, but always wished that her work would go back to Ireland. That wish is granted with a permanent exhibit in the National Museum of Ireland.

Ms. Gray was a pioneer of her time and her work inspired both Modernism and Art Deco styles. Reproductions of her furniture are still produced today in London by Aram Designs. These furniture designs are timeless modern pieces that still fit in contemporary spaces today. One of her most recognized designs is the adjustable chrome table E1027 (reproduction pictured here).

Eileen Gray Adjustble Chrome Table E1027Eileen Gray Adjustble Chrome Table E1027

If your interior aesthetic is modern, chances are, some of your pieces were influenced by this Irish designer!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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