2nd Most FAQ About Painting

Once the question of color is complete, I’m always asked about paint sheen that is most appropriate.   A quick google search will reward you with quick guidelines and lists of rooms that match this sheen with that room.  There was a time when these were rules to follow because the only way to get the cleaning properties for your walls was to go get a high gloss paint.

Today, with technologies advancing in all areas, it is possible to get a nice soft flat paint look that allows for cleaning your walls without all that high gloss.  Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have eggshell or matt formula that allows for mild soap and water cleaning and resistant to mold and mildew allowing for use in kitchen’s and bathrooms.

Color also plays a big part in choosing a sheen.  The darker the paint color, the flatter you want to paint, because high gloss with dark color can show every single imperfection on your walls.  Additionally, high gloss will reflect light differently and can change how it looks on a sunny day versus a cloudy day.

While some specifications even say that the flat versions of these paints can be cleaned, if you are looking for something that will hold up to kids and pets, I suggest the following:

Eggshell/Matt – this is a medium durable sheen that works great in most rooms, so if you are painting one color throughout the house, this is a safe bet.

Satin – this is a more durable sheen that is great if you have kids and/or pets and need a bit more protection in a hallway or family/kid’s playroom.

Semi and High gloss options are the most durable and great for use on cabinets, trims and doors as it allows for good washing and regular dusting.  Some will tell you these are best for kitchens and baths, but I believe they have too much shine for walls.

My final recommendation whether talking in general like above or in specifics whne working with a client, is to purchase a quart of your desired color in the desired sheen and putting it up on the wall to confirm that it’s going to look like you want it to look.  While a quart of paint will cost you $10 – $15, that’s much cheaper than buying gallons only to find that it is not right.

P.S. Don’t forget next week I’ll announce the winner of one free hour of consultation, so don’t forget to comment on how you would use that hour to be entered in the drawing!

2 thoughts on “2nd Most FAQ About Painting”

  1. How I would use an hour, really i need more than an hour just to answer that question. As far as incompetent goes, I am the poster child, I really have no idea when it comes to what goes with what. but I follow instructions very well, so all I need is guidance and instructions…


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