Home Office – My Top 3 Must Have’s

A client with a love for travel, called and wanted to use these as the inspiration in his home office space.  With treasures from their travels, some new furniture and window treatments, we created this lovely and functional home office.


When creating a home office, there’s more than just looking good, here are my top 3 must haves of a successful office space.

  1. Ample Storage.  This desk has 2 drawers for files, 2 smaller drawers for pencils, pens and other misc. items and a keyboard pullout.  The side credenza is 2 lateral file drawers with more than enough space to keep everything organized.  Don’t need this many files?  Instead of a lateral file, include another more appropriate piece of storage furniture to keep yourself organized.
  2. Good Light.  In addition to the recessed can lighting, we included 2 lamps that not only work in with the theme, but also give great task lighting in key areas – the desk and the accent chair.
  3. Comfortable Desk Chair.  When you are planning to sit at a desk for long periods of time, you want to make sure that your chair is comfortable – for many (most) that means an adjustable chair is key.

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