Old Things New

More often than you might think, I start an interior with inspiration from a treasured piece of furniture that has meaning and history to my client.  Part of my job is to incorporate it in a fresh way that gives honor to the piece, while making it feel at home in the new design.

Recently, I posted some pictures of a redesigned office space where we pulled in all new furniture to highlight treasures the clients had collected on their travels.

For this project, I found an old piece, and while not an heirloom to them, it was a great starting point for us to pull in some more color and interest to the space.


To complete the transformation, I changed the fabric and stained the legs darker to match the new furniture and now it completes the space perfectly!

For pieces in good condition, re-upholstery, paint and stain can give new life to old pieces that extend the life for years to come!




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