4 Key Planning Questions

When starting your new interior project, several things come into play and i’ts important to think through them before you start – this is called the planning phase and will help keep you on track throughout both planning for, and implementing your project.  For example:

  •  What’s the scope of your project? Do you want more space (move walls, add a whole room on,  just updated finishes and/or furnishings?)
  • Will you do the work yourself or hire someone?
  • Are there things you like about the space that you will want to work with or is it a total gut and replace?
  • And most importantly, what is your budget?  In the world of remodeling and updating there are many different price points, and understanding that budget upfront will keep you from over designing.

Understanding these questions before you get started will also help set priorities through out the design process.  If budget is your #1 priority, then any updates, materials, etc. should be presented that fit within that priority.  If your budget is a bit more flexible, because you just have to have THAT tile that is more expensive, then open communication with your designer upfront about that will help get you to your design much quicker.

This was a fun bathroom update project – we didn’t move walls and the client loved the stained ship lap.  Budget was key here and so we found a great tile that helped update the space without breaking the bank, and painted the light fixtures and mirrors to give an updated look to go with the new vanity, counter top and plumbing fixtures.


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