Getting Started

So many people ask me “how do you get started with a design?”.  That is both an easy and a hard answer because in every case it’s all about the inspiration, and THAT must come from the person the design is for.

One client loves bold color so we start there, another is a photographer so we start with some of their photography, and yet another has a fabulous collection or their love of travel.  Sometimes it starts with an image of another home they have seen.    Here are my top 5 ways for getting started with a design inspiration:

  1. Don’t try and match something exactly.  If it’s an image you found in a magazine, chances are it won’t match your budget or the architecture of the structure may not allow for an exact match, so work with your designer to create the same feeling that comes from your image.  Be specific with what draws you to that image – is it the color, the furniture style, the amount of light?  Those things can be accomplished in just about any space.
  2. Remember that one paint color is not suitable for all spaces.  You LOVE that color of yellow (or gray, or blue, or…) that you saw in your friends home, but you try it in your house and it looks awful.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t use a version of that color, but you need to work with your lighting (both natural and installed) as well as the other items in your space.  By using that beloved color as an inspiration and not a “must have” for your space, you will be more successful in creating a space that you love and gives you the same feeling that you had when you experienced that other space.
  3. Don’t think you have to use every piece in a collection.  So many people who have a large collection, whether it be an art collection, a pottery collection or even a thimble collection want to display all of them and if you have the room for that, great – let’s curate them appropriately, but most of us are limited in space and finding room for a large collection of anything is difficult.  Work with your designer to curate a rotating collection so that whatever is on display can be seen and appreciated.  This allows the collection to be a focal of the design inspiration and not an overwhelming display where they eye doesn’t know what to look at.
  4. Don’t go overly themed when incorporating any inspiration.  Unless you are a child, or you have the architecture to support it, don’t go overboard with that culture you fell in love with while on vacation.  Choose a few key pieces and work the design from there.  They can be highlighted using color, texture and placement without feeling like the inside of your home is divorced from the outside of your home.
  5. If you are using a designer, be prepared to talk about your likes and dislikes.  Not sure where to start?  During that initial consultation, tour your entire home with the designer, sit down and talk about your life, what you like and dislike about the space currently, what your interests are and how you use the space.  By building that relationship, we can help guide you to a design inspiration  that will help you love the space.

If you need help finding an inspiration, I’d love to help you, just give me a call!


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